Liar Liar – Pants on Fire

When recruiting, it never ceases to amaze me how job applicants will lie right to my face.  Here’s a recent example…  After we make a conditional offer of employment, we have applicants take a pre-employment drug screen and we conduct a pre-employment criminal background check and a pre-employment motor vehicle record (MVR) check – with the latter being required if they’ll be driving for company business.

So we interviewed a guy and made him an offer.  He would need to be driving for work, so we advised him that the MVR was one of the checks that would be required.  He laughed it off and made a joke about how he had a clean driving record and was not worried whatsoever about any background check that was required.  However, the MVR came back as a mess and he was not insurable under our fleet insurance policy.  So we couldn’t hire him

As a side-note, it’s always entertaining when they want to call and want to debate their MVR with you.  I just direct them to the “Summary of Rights” form that they were sent.  But it’s a shame that people can’t be honest when they are faced with the fact that you’re going to check their background.  I mean, you’re sitting there, knowing that I’m going to be looking at your driving record, you have multiple occurrences and points on your it…and yet you sit there, smile and joke that there’s nothing to worry about.  It’s pretty pathetic and a waste of everyone’ time if you ask me.

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