HR Nightmare

If you ever travel to Oregon, you might want to stay at the Markum Inn.  Then again, you might not…  The owners of the Inn, Ward and Julie Frederick, have been served with in a federal harassment lawsuit by a former employee.

The former waitress, Jessica Webber, claims that the Wards “created a hostile workplace” in which she “was solicited for sex advice, was asked to rub lotion on the husband’s penis, guess the man’s “measurements,” and participate in a “ring toss game on his penis.””

According to an October 11th story from The Smoking Gun, the waitress’ complaints came after a staff party.  Basically, “when partygoers arrived, Ward Frederick, 46, “stripped down to thong underwear” and began giving lap dances to employees and guests, Webber claimed.  “A few minutes later, Mr. Frederick removed his thong, and became completely nude.”  At that point, Julie Frederick “began asking the guests and employees to guess the measurements of Mr. Frederick’s penis and asked employees to rub lotion on Mr. Frederick.”  Ward Frederick then allegedly “began masturbating in front of the guests and employees so the measurements of his erect penis could be taken, and so others could play a ring toss game on his penis.””

Even as a seasoned HR Professional, it amazes me to hear or read about stories like this.  Quoting Bill Murray from the movie “Wild Things” a few years back…“They’ll settle.  They will.  Trust me; they’ll be begging to settle.”  He’s right.  And the Fredericks should probably start looking for a new liability insurance company…

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