I took this picture in Avon, OH, at the City Centre of Avon.  It is a new development where a Marc’s store just opened.

 Marc's 2

As we sometimes see, there are union picketers on the public sidewalk protesting near the entrance to Marc’s.  Their signs say “Don’t Shop Here” and “Anti-Union Marc’s.”

But what does anti-union really mean?  Could it mean that perhaps Marc’s is just pro-company?  Many times, that’s what it boils down to.  There is a difference between being anti-union and pro-company.  That’s an entire post in itself.  But it never ceases to amaze me – as the unions are pretty quick to show up on site, blow up their inflatable rats and hold up their signs.  Sometimes it’s because non-union contractors were used during construction.  Sometimes it’s because they disagree with something the company has done.

Regardless, this whole spectacle is just an attempt to attract horn-honking from cars passing by.  The only people who probably even care about what the picketers are saying are the hard-core-union-lovers, which is understandable.  I certainly wish Marc’s the best of luck in dealing with their dilemma.  What’s your opinion of anti-union vs. pro-company?

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